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About mJob® Market – Freelance Marketplace


mJob® Market (Micro Job Market) is an online freelance platform for freelancers and recruiters.

Freelancers can post services and recruiters can hire freelancers on MJob Market free of charge.  Recruiters and freelancers can contact directly without any restriction. 

Micro Job Market is like an online freelancer directory.  Through the job listings, recruiters can inquire freelancers about job offers, ask for price quote and all the details needed.  No money transaction is done on Micro Job Market, it is all between the freelancer and the recruiter. 

mJobMarket takes 0% commission from freelancers and buyers.

Sign up and post for free.  



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  • Are you a freelancer?

You can post your services with contact details, fee rates and payment terms on mJob® Market!  We offer online instant message, when a potential customer contacts you, you will receive email notifications.

Q&A for Freelancers

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[su_spoiler title=”How to join?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]

Sign up an account on is easy.  You can create an account with your email or use social media account.   When you use an email to sign up, please verify your email through the system email link sent to you (Check SPAM box in case you don’t find it).



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After you click the confirmation link in your email, then you can go to “My profile” and update your personal details.


In the dashboard, you will see many fields to fill in.  This is your profile and it will be displayed with your service post.  Please fill in your truthful details, and there are some Must fill-in fields, such as: “From”, “Languages” (can choose more than 1 language), your Bio, and most importantly, you must choose your country on the billing info.


[su_spoiler title=”How to post a service?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]

Now you’re ready to jump in! Just click the “Post a service” button, you will be lead to “Post a Service” page – Here, you can fill in the details of your service, including price, time needed to finish the service, and your professional experience, etc.  That’s it!

*Are you using other freelance websites? Put a link in the post!  We encourage you to do so!


PS. All posts are for FREE, just sign up and post!

Fill in the Post a Service form (see below).  You can add up to 5 images to demonstrate your service, the minimum image size is 768 x 436px.  You can also add a video link to be displayed.

The most import part is the free text area, the “Description” of your service.

You can use the Description area to:

  • Introduce yourself,
  • Write down your educational background,
  • Display career accomplishment
  • Post your contact details
  • Post links to your personal blogs, websites
  • Post links to your gigs in other freelancing platforms 
  • Your preferred payment methods (mjob market doesn’t deal with your money)
  • and everything else to make customers working with you

Press SAVE and proceed to publish your service.


USE Micro Job Market the right way!

Please do not link to sites that are not relevant to your service. mJobMarket reserves rights to remove service posts that contain irrelevant or harmful links.

We want to help you build a freelance business, and your registration to mJob Market will help us to form a combined power and promote us altogether. 

Use the image upload and video links well – your professional certificate, your youtube promotion video, put them all together right here.


[su_spoiler title=”How to receive Star-Review for your service?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Although customers can contact you directly through your email or other ways, the only way you can receive your review is that the customer must contact you through the “Inquire Now” on your post. 

Then you will see “Order created” note.  This is just to provide a place for dialog,  doesn’t mean the order is confirmed.   If you really close a deal, then you can press “Delivery”. 

After the customer accept the delivery, then the customer can leave a star review with testimonial.  Please request your review, encourage customers to press”Inquire Now” then you can go on to “delivery”.


[su_spoiler title=”Why Should Freelancers Join?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]We do not charge freelancer any commission fee when you close deals, nor do we take commission from buyers.  We only charge for posting.  The fund will be used for international marketing of mJobMarket to attract more customers, so you can get more projects, receive more income from doing what you love![/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How can I increase the chance of getting a job?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]1. After you post your service, share it out!  Share on your social media, website or blog. 

2. Complete your Bio.  This is the best place for your self-promotion.  Utilize it well!

3. Don’t forget to check your emails, especially spam emails, because customer’s inquiry emails might enter spam.  We suggest to put email in your white list, so emails won’t enter spam again. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How will I get paid?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]There are several reliable online payment services you can use.  You can sign up to one of the following services and ask the client to pay you accordingly: 1. Bank Transfer (the old way) 2. PayPal (most common) 3. Payoneer (it has sign-up fee).  This is up to your negotiation with customers.  




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  • Are you a Recruiter/ Employer?

 mJobMarket is the perfect place for you, you can find top-notch experts, contact them directly and pay them directly.  Because we don’t take any commission!

Q&A for Employers / Recruiters 


[su_spoiler title=”How to hire a freelancer on mJob Market?” open=”no” style=”fancy”]

  1. Browse through existing listings

    Choose from the categories, see their service listing, send them message online or by contact details they provide.  Yes, we encourage you to contact the freelancers directly!

  2. Submit a “Recruit” post  so freelancers can respond to you

    It’s free! Click the orange color “Recruit” button, fill in the details, “Save” and you’re done!
    The relevant experts will contact you directly.

  • Press theRECRUIT” button on the top menu, it will lead you to fill in the recruit form.


In the recruit form, write down the title of the job you need, fill in the budget and delivery time, and choose the category.  Then in the text area, fill in the details of your request.  Our freelancers will reply you or send you their offers!



[su_spoiler title=”How do I pay freelancers?” style=”fancy”]mJobMarket doesn’t involve in payment to freelancers, so you need to discuss with freelancers on how to pay.  We suggest you to use escort payment method, such as Paypal.  Most importantly, check the freelancer’s credibility before you make payment.  If you have any problem with freelancers, please contact mjobmarket admin for help.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Why to hire freelancers on mJob Market?” style=”fancy”]

mJobMarket attracts freelancers from communities of experts.  You can contact freelancers directly and ask for proof of previous works, or their profiles on other freelance platforms.  When you are sure you find the right person, then start the deal.  

We suggest you use the “Inquire Now” to start the conversation with freelancers.  Once the deal is finished, freelancers can proceed with “Delivery”, then after your approval, you can give stars and leave comment about the service.

Although the conversation can start outside of the platform or by “Contact Me” on the freelancer’s Bio, the only way to be able to give stars is by going through “Inquire Now”


[su_spoiler title=”How does mJob Market earn money if you take 0% commission?” open=”no” style=”fancy”] We  build this platform not for earning your commission. We build this platform for self-fulfillment and giving back to the world.  You can help us by becoming our Patron: 



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Established in 2018 by John Hirsh, is an online marketplace platform dedicated to professional freelancers (Sellers) & recruiters (Buyers) worldwide.  Micro Job Market is a member of Freelance Union.

mJob™ Market, or Micro Job Market, is unique in the online freelancer market because:

  • We help freelancers build their own business & personal brands
  • We listen to buyers’ and sellers’ feedback
  • Freelancers and Customers have full freedom of direct communication !
  • No deal commission for freelancers and buyers alike

What Does mJob™ Market Do? is a platform for freelance experts and freelance service buyers to find each other.


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