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    I am an English born Israeli with over 20 years’ experience of doing business in and with China.

    I am the owner and CEO of China Expert International and Co-Founder of the Xiong Mao Chinese Language and Culture Centre. Prior to my return to Israel I was a Director of IsCham.

    The company I founded, Beijing Ai Fu Shi Consulting, and my brand name, (FCGroup®), was acquired within just a few days of me announcing that I would be relocating out of China.

    My boundless creativity, enthusiasm and passion have earned me numerous accolades from my peers.

    I have successfully filled managerial, engineering, marketing and sales roles and, in Beijing, I am a recognised Social Media and Networking expert with a very large number of followers and I am a much sort after speaker and event host.

    I have built a factory in China, been the G.M. of a Joint Venture factory, established two new divisions for an international company and setup a WFOE. I possess good managerial and people skills, good training skills and the ability to establish an excellent rapport with local Chinese government officials.

    Want references? Check out my LinkedIn profile, you will find there many verifiable references.
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