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    I am a DIgital Marketer and have more than four years of experience in ppc Google Adwords/Social Media Marketing/SEO specialist which means NO tricks, black-hat strategies or pointless mass mailing. I take my job seriously and I know the tools and methods that will take you to the top without additional troubles or lies.

    •Keyword research (i can find and analyse best profitable keywords)
    •on Page Optimization (Specific keywords)
    •Off Page (Link Building)

    -I have round about three years experience in digital Marketing and seo ranking. I can Boost your Business website or blog ranking. Feel free to contact with me.

    What I can help you with:
    - SEO / website audits to design a strategy that will improve your rankings and overall web presence as well as drive traffic to your website

    - Backlink generation

    - Constant Google Analytics & Search Console monitoring and reports that will help assess the progress

    - Keyword research and implementation in content and metadata

    - Content optimization which includes blog posts, articles,images, etc.

    - Consulting during building a new website and redesigns to make sure that SEO tactics are fully implemented

    - Full content marketing which includes market research, persona and theme development, and other related tasks

    • "Don't hesitate to give him the keys of your business to let him manage all the tasks related to your Marketing tasks in general."

    • Please start collaboration then you should know that I prefer detailed job offers. Tell me everything you think I should know. It’s a win for both of us because the more information I have, the more suggestions I can give you.
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