10 Best Paying Freelance Jobs for 2019 & 2020

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10 Best Paying Freelance Jobs for 2019 & 2020

Going freelance is one of the hottest topics right now, and the best time to do it is right now. The term ‘gig economy’ is the latest buzz word right now, with everyone raving about just how many benefits there are for both employees and organizations.

Using the web and a number of modern tools, it’s possible to complete work on a freelance basis – even working remotely – that previously wouldn’t have been feasible.

This way, the freelancer gets to pick and choose their ‘gigs’, work from anywhere they choose, do away with expensive and time-consuming commutes, and manage their work/life balance through ‘lifestyle design’.

At the same time, companies hiring freelancers have the benefit of being able to work with professionals from outside the limited local talent pool and of not needing to spend a large amount of money and effort handling the administrative fees associated with hiring full-time staff.

The best part? There are actually a lot of very high-paying freelance jobs available today. Going freelance doesn’t mean becoming a struggling artist, it can actually be closer to being an ‘in-demand online superstar’.

Here are just some of the highest paying freelance jobs for 2019 (in no particular order).

1. Freelance Web Developer

Many web developers don’t like to work in a job with no personal life, this is especially true in many high tech oriented companies, So instead, they use their skills to earn money online with their professional skills.

Web development is one of the most common needs for many people and business owners, and it also has a lower entry barrier comparing to, for example, App development. There are also some highly demanding jobs that require ‘full stack developers’, but the vast majority of web design tasks will tend to be more focused on installing and modifying WordPress, or creating basic portfolio sites using a little HTML and CSS (which are markup languages, rather than full programming languages).

Web design can likewise be done from anywhere, with no specialist tools, and usually with no strict deadline.

Pretty much anyone can learn the basics of simple web design, and it shouldn’t take them a large amount of time or any significant investment.

Web design is something that is in huge demand. Companies understand the need for a well-designed website, they might spend $10,000 or more on a website.  A web developer can charge $20 or more per hour.

2. Freelance Programmer

A general programmer can earn a lot of money, the range of pay offered in this instance is quite broader, so the average salary per hour doesn’t really reflect on each programmer.

Programmers are in high demand.  More and more companies now offer online services, apps, and more – and they reply on internal software to handle a lot of tasks. Automation is replacing a large percentage of the workforce, and by becoming a programmer, you can ensure you’re on the winning side.

Certain types of coding are going to pay more highly than others. For example, you should think about the language that you learn. Some of the most in-demand languages for employers are Java, Python, and you can take a look at the Stock Overflow’s survey in 2019:

most popular programming language

Take the emerging technology into account, such as machine learning, big data, blockchain, and learn the relevant knowledge in these fields.

A requested programmer will never worry to find freelance work. The average pay is $35 per hour; the more experience the higher.

3. Freelance Online Marketer

Many online wealth courses say that internet marketing is the fastest track to wealth online. An internet marketer helps a brand reach a larger audience online, which often involves a combination of SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

An internet marketer is highly valuable to any business, as they can potentially help them to reach thousands more clients or customers. More and more companies start to recognize the value of internet marketing, and good marketers are in increasing demand. They can typically charge 30 to $50 per hour, though some will charge much more.

4. Freelance Translator

Translation is an ancient old freelance job and it’s still in high demand. That advantage is only growing as the internet helps to open up huge new international opportunities for businesses. A translator has to translate everything including pages of text, web content, app interface, audio transcription, video subtitles or other types of content.

Except for online work, a freelance translator can also find work as an interpreter, which can be further developed into consecutive interpreter and simultaneous interpreter. Interpreter can offer translation service onsite or via phone (conference call).

Text translation charge is calculated by word count, and interpreter charge is by hour.  Different languages have different prices, but a good consecutive or simultaneous interpreter can charge $70 to $120 USD per hour.

5. Cyber Security Specialist

Many businesses rely heavily on the internet, as the internet threats keep involving, so does the needs for cyber security experts growing rapidly. With several high-profile hacks and attacks, it is more important than ever that data is protected. As a security specialist, it will be your job to help keep data safe by advising best practices, looking for vulnerabilities in websites and other targets, and consulting on the best way to go forward.

There will always be a need for this kind of service for businesses, as they will be seen to be taking a large risk by not ensuring maximum IT security.

To be a qualified cyber security specialist, your entry lesson will be ethical hacking. There are several certifications especially for this purpose, and you can choose the specific field you want to develop.  Cyber security service can charge by hourly rate or by project.

6. Legal Advisor

Many lawyers or legal services experts are now working on their own to keep more of their earnings and remove the need for third parties. Legal advice is highly specialized and is needed by every business.

Since most of the legal consulting jobs can be delivered remotely, which helps to explain the growing number of professionals offering the service in this manner.

Unlike web design though, this is not the kind of work that anyone can simply pick up and begin selling. Your best chance of being successful in this area is if you have some good experience working with well-known firms. You may even be able to bring some of your clients with you.

Expect to earn anywhere in the region of $70-$120.

7. Freelance Video Editor

Video editing market has grown rapidly just like content writing, everyone already knows the importance of videos without further explanation.  Businesses and individuals have been using Videos to create huge impact. A video asset can be distributed on Youtube or any video platform. Popular videos formats are corporate videos, spokesperson videos, whiteboard explainer videos, animation videos, photo collage videos, etc.  A video can make a great first impression.

If you want to have a high-quality video,, you will need to use a professional video maker or editor who has both the artistic sense and technical skills in professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effect.

Video editors will earn from $35 per hour.

8. Freelance Writer

Writing is another type of job that anyone can do in theory, with just a little practice. While you need to have a certain writing voice, and a mastery over the English language, no specialist tools are required to perform these gigs.

Writing as a freelancer can take a number of forms. You might be a content writer for instance and write blog posts and articles for websites, or you might be a copywriter and predominantly write ad text, SEO posts, press releases, and the like.

As for the rates, these can again vary drastically. If you land an article in a prestigious magazine, you may earn hundreds of dollars. However, other writers will charge only a few dollars per hundred words, and will attempt to churn out as much as they can. The interesting thing? As a writer, your income will be directly tied to the amount you work and how good you are at it. Need more money? Write faster!

A writer can earn up to $50 an hour in most cases.

9. Freelance Voice Actor

Voice actors, or dubbers, give their voice to a video script. There are an increasing number of projects available today that require voice acting – from the usual movies, radio shows, and adverts, to the newer formats like YouTube videos, podcasts, and audiobooks.

A good voice actor is born with good voice that goes well in the recording output.  A requested voice can make a high salary than the average freelancers.

A new voice actor might start off with low pay, but as the experience accumulates, the pay can easily hike up to $30+ per hour.  If you believe you possess good voice, you certainly can consider the voice artist career.

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic designer has become such popular freelance categories that many freelance websites put graphic design related jobs as a feature category.

A graphic designer can do services like logo design, brochure design, web element design, poster design, T-shirt design, photo touch up, or any design that requires graphics.

It is better for a graphic designer to charge by project rather than by hour.

The most popular graphic design software are undoubtedly from Adobe.  And the best seller graphic design software are: Photoshop, After Effects, and Lightroom.

This article is part of our Freelance Business Institute project, or FBI project, which aims to provide freelancers resources and best practices.

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