3 Major Problems Every Freelancer Must Solve Right Now

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3 Major Problems Every Freelancer Must Solve Right Now

Working as a freelancer is a dream comes true for many people.

It represents the upmost freedom of profession, but in the other hand, it also has some drawbacks that stop many people entering freelancing world.

Don’t worry — While we discuss the 3 major problems of freelancing, we also give solutions. We hope to bring up some discussion for everyone.

The 3 problems are:

  1. Bad time management
  2. Lack of distinction
  3. Weak marketing


1. Bad Time Management – A Freelancer’s Top Enemy

Working from home or coffee shop looks easy, and it’s also very easy for people to get lost in time and cultivate the habit of procrastination. “Time is money” sounds such cliche; however some people charge customers by hourly rate and it couldn’t be more correct.

In a company office, the feeling of pressure will make people to think again before they take a rest. Working by oneself needs tons of determination to overcome the problem of time management.

The solution is quite simple. According to a star freelancer Ayush Sharma, an expert in cloud service, his way of dealing 3~5 customers a day is to have a notebook with daily hours. He writes down every work with starting and finishing time on the schedule and keeps the notebook close to him at all time. He gives himself a break only when he reaches a certain target on time. This pen-and-paper old way turns out to be the best method he has ever used.


2. Lack of Distinction – How to Stand Our from the Same-Same

How do you make your offer stand out from the rest of competitors? You might say price, but people are afraid to buy too cheap in fear of improficiency.

Mr. Chen Hua, a Chinese translation super freelancers, said that the secrets lays in the service description. Your educational and professional background, experience, what you do and what you don’t do, just be honest. Put up copies of diploma, done work samples, and use real photo in profile. He sells 30–50 gigs a month.

Another small tip that Chen shares, is to use different languages in your description. “It catches eyes when I have Chinese words in my post,” he says. And since he offers translation, it makes perfect sense to do so, but it can add to any category of jobs.


3. Weak Marketing – All Freelancers’ Top Concern

Marketing is a major problem that most freelancers face. They want to concentrate in work, and the time for keeping up marketing efforts is very limited, and sometimes overwhelming.

A personal website, blog, facebook page or other social media accounts are the common way of marketing freelance service. Some just reply on the freelancing platforms to do the magic. The main issue with most freelancing platform are 1) they take too much commission, and 2) they don’t let you build your own business, they simply use YOU, the Freelancer, to make their business. They make sure you don’t have direct contact with buyers and threaten to halt your account if you try to do so.

While a personal website, blog or a Facebook page are all basic tools for you to find customers, there is a new freelance platform that breaks the rule and all freelancers must try — micro Job Market (mjobmarket.com). They take 0% commissions from freelancers and buyers. Their business model is to charge posting a fee from freelancers, and the user can add any kind of links in the job description — website, blog, or even your Upwork or Fiverr profile! Buyers are more than welcome to contact the freelancers directly for any service, and also pay directly. The platform doesn’t deal with your communication or money (the site does offer messaging so people can contact online right on).

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