Translation is not an easy job.   You might think it’s easy; after all, a freelance writer or a freelance graphic designer works harder than a translator.  It might be true, but sometimes a translator might work harder than a writer.  Think about translating a contract or a technical document.  A lawyer might just have to combine and edit some templates and make a contract; but a translator has to ponder each word and each sentence in order to get accurate translation.

Translation freelancers generally earn less than a software programmer or a graphic designer per hourly rate, but they usually work under pressure and for long hours.  So if there is any way that a freelance translator can earn maximum income without paying commission, they will do.  That’s why many professional translators become members of Micro Job Market.

Micro Job Market has seen a big wave of registration from freelance translators.  So far there are English to Chinese (Mandarin) translators, English to Arabic translators, Japanese translators, German translators, Spanish translators, French translators, Bosnian translators, Hindi translators, Swedish translators, Italian translators and more.  There are translators of 37 languages on Micro Job Market so far. 

If you are looking for language translators, no matter which language pairs you need, you can find it on Micro Job Market; moreover, you can communicate directly with the freelancers you like, pay them directly.  Micro Job Market is commission-free. 

How do you ensure the quality of freelance translators?

First of all, the translator had better be a native speaker of the target language.

If you have English text that needs to be translated into Japanese, so English is the source language and Japanese is the target language.   In this case, it’s better to find a native Japanese speaker, or someone who speaks Japanese as a Second language. 

Second, ask for relevant working experience the translator has done before. 

Third, you can ask for the educational background of the translator.

After examining these 3 things conditions, you can be sure that the translator has the right qualification.  Note that experience comes before education, because experience is very important in the field of translation just like any other professions. 

How do you make sure the freelancer will finish the job?

You can use payment term to give you the best assurance you can.  Usually a freelancer will agree 50% upfront and 50% after the job is done.   For big project you can even divide the payment into more milestones. 

You need to watch out if the freelancer insists on 100% payment in advance, unless it’s a small sum below 100 USD.  Pay through PayPal or other escort payment service that you can report a fraud payment.

A freelancer who works on his or her own will be very careful to maintain the reputation and trust from the clients, because there is no freelance platform as a buffering medium.