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Post Your Freelance Service, Build Personal Branding

An mJob Post, or micro job post, is a simple one-pager to publish your freelance service. What’s great about mJob post is the versatile of the free-text area.  No other freelance platforms will allow you to post url and personal contact details, but at Micro Job Market we encourage you to market yourself as a solo entrepreneur.

To get work, you can either send your mJob Post to respond to a Recruit post, or promote your service on mJob post. This is usually accompanied by a profile which shows the feedback you’ve received from past clients, your rates, and samples of your previous work.

There are several sections to fill in the mJob Post.  Getting this right is crucial – because this is the most important sample you’ll ever provide to a prospective client.

  1. Show off

    You’re fully entitled to reveal the super-star side of you on mJobMarket.

    Don’t be afraid to namedrop the clients you’ve worked with in the past, and include quotes from their feedback in the introductory paragraph. By showing you have extensive experience, it encourages clients to take you seriously.

  2. Get good feedback

    Even the world’s best profile will not be noticed if you have a long history of one-star and two-star pieces of feedback. So go slow at first, and do every job to perfection.

    Once the client contact you through mJob’s quote system, an order countdown starts to provide a conversation place, although not a must.  Once you deliver the job, update the system that the order is complete, then your client will be able to confirm the job delivery and give you stars and testimonial. If you manage to get loads of five-star feedback, it’ll becomes easier and easier to pick up new work.

  3. Introduce yourself with warmth

    Just because you’re working remotely, doesn’t mean you have to be impersonal.

    If you’re great at playing the bassoon, have trained as a pilot, or you’re a gold medalist archer, don’t be afraid to come across as fun, friendly and engaging. The clients you’ll find on freelancing sites are seldom stuffy, and love a good personality.

    Don’t forget that you can share your facebook profile link, blog, website, LinkedIn profile etc in mJob Post.

  4. Get verified

Micro Job Market can give your service a verified status after completing at least 1 time service. Once you’ve done that, you will get a “verified”

Also consider taking aptitude tests in your chosen area of freelancing – short, 40-minute exams which test things including your Photoshop knowledge, coding skills, editing abilities or spelling prowess. The results then appear on your profile, and if you’re lucky, you could be in the top 1%!his, you’ll get a big, shiny tick next to your name.

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If your mJob got just 1 order completed, you can apply to verify it.


 5. Keep it brief

Bearing all of the above points in mind, make an effort to keep your profile concise to the point. If a client has shortlisted 10 possible providers, they don’t want to read a 2,000-word profile every time.

Boil your page down to the most important points, and carefully cherry-pick the samples included in your portfolio.

The last one is to CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. Even the slightest typo undermines your credibility, especially if you’re offering writing or translation works. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t make the effort to give their profile a thorough proofread!