Contracts for Freelancers of All Freelance Jobs

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Contracts for Freelancers of All Freelance Jobs

If you are in need for a freelancer contract, congratulations! It means you have landed a very important project or working with a big client.  While you might be getting a contract from the recruiters, sometimes they might ask you to provide a contract that you feel comfortable with.

It is important to have your version of contract, first of all, it is to protect you.  When receiving contracts from other parties, there might be pitfalls that are not obvious and only an experienced lawyer can spot.  So have a contract of your own is like having your bodyguard, this bodyguard knows you well and is familiar with places that need to be more careful.

Asking a lawyer for drafting a contract can be costly.  But don’t worry, we have found a source of free online contract templates for freelancers.

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There are contracts specific for certain job, such as web design freelancer contracts, photography freelancer contracts, freelance writer contracts, and many other types of contract.

There are also general contracts that can be good for all types of freelance jobs, such as this one:  General contract for all freelance jobs 

No matter which contract you take, you must read every line and understand all the content, and modify the content according to your situation.  Do not use the contract before reading it!  Once a contract is signed, it is legally binding and you need to take responsibility for it.

We shall share more contract source one we find good ones.

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