This is a “freelance hack” in MJob Market blog,  because we want freelancers to establish their own freelance business. This blog will share
It is easy to create a free blog, and there are already many online service providers for it.  But in some point, you might want to have your own website and a domain to look more professional.

I’m John, the founder of mJob Market.  I will show you how I succeeded in creating a website with a private domain 100% free, without paying a dime.

The free website I have created is
I will show you how to do it.

1. Get your free top level domains

You can’t get free .com domain without cost, that’s just not possible and even if some companies do offer it, it’s only free for the 1st year when you purchase with other things.

If you want 100% free domain, you can find on – choose from one of these: .tk, .ml, .gq, .ga (ps. we are not associate with freenom)

They are not the common domains, but if you want something free that’s what you can have.

Although these domains are free, the longest registration time is 12 months, and before the registration expires so you need to go back to freenom and renew it on time. Note that you should use the domain you in a week, otherwise freenom will cancel your domain.

2. Set free website hosting on Google Sites

After you have your domain, it’s time to build your site.  I recommend blogger and Google site (both belong to Google), because both allow you to connect to your own domain without paying anything.

If you like to write blog posts, use blogger.  If you are not content oriented, use google site – it’s front-end drag-and-drop editing is easy to use , and you can have your site published in a short time.  BTW – Google site is great for one pager!

(Your Google site data is stored in your google drive. Do not delete by mistake.)

Google site instruction:

  1. Just google “Google site” or go to and sign in with your google account..
  2. After you save your website design, go to the control menu on the top, you will see a circle with three dots. Click inside, you will see a list of things.
  3. Choose “Custom URLs”. You will be asked to confirm the ownership of the site in the search console.
  4. Follow the link to the Search Console. Choose the TXT confirmation or CNAME Record method. * After you add the record, it will take a few minutes for google to be able to verify it.
  5. Sign in to your Freenom account, choose “Services” -> “My Domains” to see the domains you have.
  6. Click “Manage Freenom DNS” and enter the record that google search console gave you.
  7. After you fill in the info, wait a few minutes before you hit “Verify” on search console. Now when you go back to google site, you can add the domain to the site.
Example of my DNS setting on freenom

And behold – now you have your own domain and website, 100% free of charge!

Blogger instruction:

After you create your blogger site, go to setting -> basic -> Publishing, where you can find “set up a third-party URL for your blog

Then you will find setting instructions and just follow it. It’s the same like Google Sites basically, you need to confirm your ownership on Search Console. 

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