Remote work is the future, and it is the single most important new category in hiring new workforce.  It means that freelancing will be a norm, and the time has ripen for people to work as freelancers doing online jobs or on site jobs, and we want people to be more aware of the fact that freelancing is a career worth taking and freelancers should be recognized as a major workforce.

What is a freelancer?  Meaning of being a freelancer

Most people associate “a freelancer” with someone who does a part time job or micro jobs, but that only describes half of the freelancers. There are many ways to describe a freelancer, here is a list of freelancer synonym:

  • A freelancer
  • A self-employed worker
  • A solo-entrepreneur

There are 2 types of freelancers: Full-time freelancer and part-time freelancer.

In a broad sense, people who work independently without a boss is called a “freelancer”, which includes a doctor (who works in own clinic), a lawyer (who works in own office), a singer, an actor/ actress, an artist; they are freelancers and freelance is their full-time career.

Synonyms of freelance work

In the narrow meaning, a freelancer is someone doing freelance work part-time.  Here are a list of words describing part-time freelance jobs:

  • A freelance job,
  • a side hustle,
  • a part-time job,
  • a micro job,
  • a side job,
  • a gig

If you plan to enter freelancing career, it is recommended to do it part-time as a side hustle before turning it into full-time.

Essential Online Resources for Freelancers

Every freelancer is a solo-entrepreneur. A freelancer is the owner of the solo business, there are administrative works in laws, contracts, finance, and invoicing etc. that a freelancer must take care of.  It might be overwhelming at the beginning, and so we collected these essential resources for all freelancers.

  • Online bookkeeping software for freelancers
  •  More to come…

We’ll keep adding resources so stay tuned!