Freelance Trend 2020

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Freelance Trend 2020

Remember global warming?  Ok, it might not sound like a post for freelancing, but it has very much to do with it.

Sure you do, the issue has not gone away. But there is been a shift. We are hearing more and less about global warming and less about climate change and going green. Part of the explanation for this is the individuals who write about it. They fashioned their work, made note of the speech and have had their ears to the ground. Global warming has been around for some time and individuals might be tired of hearing about it. But authors have turned it garnering an entire raft of articles to sell and have picked up on the slant that was new.

Use some of their methods. Concentrate – Trends come and go with all the speed of light, and you cannot be all over the map with regards to writing about them. Employ laser-like focus you have to select a place of interest, and stay with it till it’s a fait accompli. While you’re piling your grocery store out, develop an eye for picking the word green. Note the types of green which are being written about.

Now, what has not been written about? That is where you come in. Inquire what that means to them, when friends, family or coworkers discuss going green. Perhaps it’s a plan to buy the next time organizing or around a the roads project to a vehicle. Write to those interests and concerns. Pick a subject that’s of interest for you and run with it. Look at current advertising for cars, paper products, kid’s toys and the like. Note phrases and words which are being utilized in an effort to appeal to the environmentalism in most of us. Use variations on these themes in your very own work.

I am utilizing all the green example because as I write this article it is a fashionable thing to be and do. However the same guidelines can apply to any subject. As soon as you’ve enough details about your chosen trend, do not dither. Get your notes in order and make a first draft. Make a target market list. A self imposed sense of urgency will go a considerable way in making you successful here. Being ahead of all the curve is tricky, but once you hone your skills the opportunities are limitless. Trends and Their Relatives – You’ve likely heard the term evergreen with regards to writing. An evergreen piece has any article an editor might like enough for hold for a future issue since the subject has eternal appeal. Trends, and on all the other hand, exist under a wide umbrella of what we could consider evergreen categories, but with an intrinsic sense of being in the moment.

Conclusion: Don’t follow the trend, make your own trend!

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