The Future of Recruiting: Hire Freelancers to Work Remotely

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The Future of Recruiting: Hire Freelancers to Work Remotely
Many people complain about the difficulty of landing a good job.  In the other hands, many business owners also struggle to find exceptional employees.  This is the contradiction in the current job market – but where does this come from?
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Artisan freelancers value their job not only by money.

According to a Glassdoor’s research, 76% of hiring decision makers say attracting quality candidates is their biggest recruiting challenge.  They think it’s due to a talent shortage or not knowing where to spread the job offering. The truth is, many people with great talents are not necessary fit to be employed; or better, not likely to pass the ritual enterprise recruiting process.  These people are confident that they can find work easily, so their motivation to go through multiple screenings or interviews is reduced. There is a kind of people, they are the natural “Artisans”.

What are Artisans?

Long ago, most of the people are working for for themselves, in a way they are all freelancers; and people used to buy goods from self-employed artisans long before the mass production in assembly lines introduced by industrial revolution.  Artisans are blacksmiths, dyers, shoemakers and weavers, etc. Those skilled workers had been apprentices of the craft and they mastered it after years of training. When you ordered a dress from a tailor, you didn’t need to tell him (or her) how to make it. The tailor knew better than anyone. If you told him you wanted a dress made of palm tree leaves, they’d turn you away because they felt it’s wrong. And they always did a great job because they were passionate about their craft. They took it seriously and excelled at it. The modern artisans share similar characteristics as in the past.
  • Artisans work better when given autonomy: Artisans need to work on their own terms and choose their tools, materials, schedule and customers.
  • Artisans hone their craft at work and at home: Artisans see work as part of their life. They can work anywhere, any time if needed.
  • Artisans produce “state of art” products: Artisans like to build, create, shape, and improve products or services. They can take on customization and knows what a customer needs or doesn’t need. They won’t push customers to spend money unnecessarily.
  • Their work is values-driven: Artisans are very committed to working on things that they value. They may even sacrifice economic benefits for the sake of their craft.
  • Artisans have a holistic understanding of their works: Artisans are usually able to make a complete product from start to finish.
As you can tell, “Artisans” type of people are highly independent and skilled, they are most likely to become freelancers.

Artisan Freelancers on Micro Job Market

We noticed the freelancers on mJob Market are highly professional and skilled in their services. They are not chancers, who try to get a few bucks from innocent clients; they are experts in what they do.
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