How Coffee Can Help You Work Better & Live Better

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How Coffee Can Help You Work Better & Live Better

Do you drink coffee?  Many freelancers drink coffee, some are even heavy coffee drinkers.  The rumor says that most freelance web developers and freelance writers are coffee drinkers.

People usually don’t think coffee is a health drink; however, coffee has lots of health benefits if no sugar, sweeteners and creamer added.  Coffee has high concentrations of beneficial antioxidants, phenolic nutrients, chlorogenic acids, and other healthy compounds.

If you care about work life balance, like many other freelancers do, you will be happy to know that drinking coffee can help improve your work efficiency and health, but you need to be selective.

3 Coffee Drinking Hacks to Make You Work Better & Live Healthier 

  1. Avoid adding refined sugar or artificial sweeteners

    If you like your coffee black or without sweetener, congratulation to your healthy coffee habit.  If you can’t stand drinking coffee without sweet taste, try to use either a very small touch of organic maple syrup or natural stevia to just lightly.  Other natural sugar like coconut sugar or organic cane sugar can work great with coffee.

    Artificial sweetener is not good for you, try avoid it at any cost.  You can do a google research on this issue if you like.

  2. Avoid any artificial creamers, be it liquid or powder

    Artificial creamers are usually made with corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils, which contains harmful trans fats.  Instead, use a little bit of real full-fat cream or milk.

  3. Add cinnamon or cacao powder to your coffee

    It’s a win-win situation by adding a small teaspoon of cinnamon or cacao to your coffee, not only it adds to the tastes but also  healthy antioxidants.

    Cinnamon can help control blood sugar and has many other health benefits.  Add a teaspoon of organic cocoa powder to your coffee to make your own mocha coffee. Cacao contains healthy antioxidants and is also known for helping to lower blood pressure.

You can play Café Jazz music to create a coffee shop relaxing atmosphere.  Isn’t it feeling great to work along side a cup of healthful coffee and slow music?  Happy freelancing!

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