How Professional Freelancers Can Turn Into Business Owners

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How Professional Freelancers Can Turn Into Business Owners

A Freelancer’s Dilemma 

You are a professional freelancer closing hundreds of deals every year.
You’ve got one or more freelance accounts at various freelance websites, paying commissions of 20% to 40% percent on each deal as communication with service buyers being strictly monitored by websites’ Admin.

You want to move on to the next development phase – starting your own business or company, but you can’t take “your customers” with you, their details are out of your reach zone and if you try your account will be deleted  promptly.

Freelancers can be ambitious, too!

Professional freelancers are ambitious independent experts. They love their freedom more than anything else. Freelancers want to control their time, environment, customers, vacations …

These merits are feasible once you reach financial independence by standing out of competition. For freelancers it means building a strong data base of quality customers that are overwhelmed by your excellent services.

You’ll find out that though there are other professional freelancers in the market, quality customers tend to show their gratitude through faithfulness by returning back to the same freelancer for advice, even if their request is not exactly your field of expertly.

NOW this is an important turning point where your business grows to new dimensions by hiring other professional freelancers to help you serve your customers in other close related fields of expertise.

Turn freelance jobs into a business

The turning point in every professional freelancer’s career is the simple but imperative understanding that financial freedom is feasible when you hire other freelancers or employees to do the projects leaving you time to focus on expanding your business and earning more money.

This leads us to the most fundamental understanding of all: you can’t hire other professionals to do the projects for you if you haven’t built a strong data base of private faithful clientele. Without them, financial freedom and free quality time will hard to achieve more than ever.

As a professional freelancer for more than twelve years and current business owner, my Golden rule to you is to provide the best service you can as freelancer but simultaneously build your own private customers base. One of the few websites that helps freelancers reach financial freedom is Micro Job Market

The website actively markets professional freelance services helping freelancers build their own customer base and enables freelancers to get payments directly from their customers.

Micro job market has strong marketing capabilities in Asia particularly in China. Chinese customers request services from western freelancers and western companies find great support from Japanese and Chinese freelancers.  It’s a win-win situation for all parties.

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