How to avoid scam freelancers

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How to avoid scam freelancers

Working freelance jobs online is a expanding trend. There are millions of solo entrepreneurs who make money through offering web services or selling products online.  However, not everyone intents to make profit from genuine services; where there is money there are scammers, and we want to

Watch out for Scams

Unfortunately, there are people on the Internet that are out to scam you and take your money without giving you any value or what they promised; but this should not let bother you if you follow the rules.

How to Identify the Fraudsters

  1.  Do some online search
    Try to find a number of unbiased reviews on the company or individual you are dealing with.  And don’t just use Google  – use also Bing or Yahoo! search to get the information.
  2. Check job history
    Ask the freelancer you want to work with to provide you some job examples done before, and ask to check if he/ she has a personal blog or website.  You will get the feel of the person by examining these info.
  3. Ask questions
    You can ask some professional questions to see how the freelancer replies.  If the person shows impatience or anger, be alert.

Identifying scams will only take you a few minutes and could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. Pretty soon, you will be able to identify the scams and help others save their time and money.

Places to Report Scammers

First of all, get back to the place where you found this scammer.  If it’s on a freelance website, report it.  Ask the website customer service to help you to give you more info so you can track down the person’s real identity.

You can also post the relevant info on social media, blogs and websites.  Someone else might have the same experience and can help you. Reporting the company to the BBB or Better Business Bureau is also a good option. Just be sure to let others know of your experience.

How to Find Genuine Freelancers to Do Online Jobs

There are many legitimate freelancers making money online.  Don’t be bought into low quality, low cost providers.  In the other hands, when you do have good experience with certain freelancer, feel free to recommend to others.

Micro Job Market provides a decentralized, fair trade freelance marketplace that all freelancers can contact directly with recruiters.  They don’t just contact directly, they also deal with payment directly.  Although Micro Job Market simply provides a marketing place for all freelancers, the quality of each freelancer is important.

We welcome freelancer posts with detailed description and filled profile.  This way, recruiters can look closer into the freelancer’s professionalism.

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