Hi, this is John from Micro Job Market.  From time to time I got an email through website online contact form, it goes like this:

Hi, I wanted to let you know that your site has a lot of porn and gambling spam. Please get in touch to me to have removed. If you dont contact, there will be more porn spam and your site will be dead. So no waste time and order my gig now https://www.fiverr.com/miananosh01


fiverr blackmail

This is the 3rd or 4th time that I got such emails from unethical fiverr sellers.  Where do they find your website and how to deal with it?

Possible Source Where I shared My URL

I remember I joined a few facebook groups to promote your website with other group members.  Sometimes people ask you to drop your link and get free traffic.  I though there will be nothing to lose so I shared mJob Market as a platform for freelancers. 

There isn’t any change in traffic as I expected.  Those claims of giving you free traffic are just a bait.  They just want to collect desperate website owners for their blackmailing list.

scam source

Above is one of the examples of such a “drop your links” facebook group post.  There is no free lunch and we should be aware of these posts.  Not only you get scam emails but also spams.

How to deal with fiverr blackmail message

The first thing I did is to report to fiverr.  But they do nothing about it.  I didn’t buy the gig and apparently they don’t care if the sales is done through unethical blackmails.  There are other people posting the same situation on fiverr forum, and fiverr never removes any of these gigs.

The fiverr blackmail email I got before threatens to give you trash  backlinks if you don’t purchase a gig.

I just ignore them.  Back yourself with the best anti-spam and security measures and continue your life.  If those gig sellers have to drop you a mass spam message like that they probably don’t get any sales anyway.

And this is the worst thing to do in marketing.