Nowadays it doesn’t justify to buy a fax machine anymore, especially for freelancers.  The reason is not only to save paper, to save the maintenance and cost for the consumable materials, but also there is ready technology to send fax online, it works as easy as sending an email –  No more paper jam!

If your freelance business requires using fax, there are free and paid on-line services to give you cloud-based faxing and mobile office freedom.

The solution is Fax to email! You don’t need the heavy fax machine anymore.  You can have faxes arrive at your email inbox, wherever you are, the on-line faxing is quick and super convenient, all freelancers should know about them and start using them.

Here are the free on-line faxing services you can use with Gmail/ Google Doc/ Google Drive.

Use Google Doc Add-ons to Activate Free Fax

To find these services, here is what you have to do:

  1. first you have to open a document with Google Doc.
  2. Find “Add-ons” option on the menu, and you will see”Get add-ons…” option in the drop-down list.
  3. Search “Free Fax”, then you will find the top 4 add-ons with top ratings.
  4. Install and give permission, and you’re ready to go.
send free fax online freelancer

Find add-ons from the drop-down menu

free fax online add-ons apps for freelancers cloud office

Top 4 rated fax add-ons to use with Google services

The 4 Free online fax services you can try:

1. HelloFax — The easiest way to send and receive faxes online.  HelloFax makes faxing a Google Doc easy! Just add the fax number, fill out your cover sheet and hit, “Send”. That’s it.

2. FAX.PLUS — Send fax to over 150 countries right from your Google Docs (10 free pages included). It’s fast, easy and secure.  The main features of FAX.PLUS Google Docs add-on:

  • Secure & convenient
  • Send 10 free pages
  • Add cover page to your document
  • Scheduled faxing
  • Optimize your document for fax
  • Send fax to human operated fax machines
  • Send faxes to numbers that require extension dialing

3. RingCentral Fax – With your RingCentral account send a fax directly from your Google Doc. No need to download or print your Doc before you send fax.  But you can only send word file, not pdf file.

4. WiseFax –  Send fax directly from Google Docs with WiseFax quickly and easily.
You only need internet connection on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Send fax in four simple steps from Google Docs. Just add WiseFax add-on in Add-on menu to Google Docs. Selecting WiseFax add-on menu option will integrate WiseFax into Google Docs and enable direct fax sending with WiseFax service. Pay as you go, with no monthly or yearly subscription and send fax anywhere in the world.

With the right online tools, you can save time, money, and your working space.  When you can finally throw away the fax machine, put a pot of green plant instead to bring you more energy.

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