Make Your Life Easy By Hiring a Freelance Travel Advisor

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Make Your Life Easy By Hiring a Freelance Travel Advisor

Internet provides great resources for people to plan and book their travels online, on their own.  However, there is always a risk to travel into a new world.  What if the information you found is outdated or even wrong?  What is you hostel you have booked is nowhere to be found when you arrive?

“Travel agent” is not a job in the past, it’s actually more needed right now in the world full of social media and online information.

That is why mJob Market created a Travel Advisor category.   Hiring a travel advisor gives you personal touch that online booking sites can never provide. And if something goes wrong, there’s someone to talk to.

The benefits of using a Travel Advisor that most people don’t realize

Think of an accountant, a family doctor or a family lawyer.  They understand your situation and history of the matters, and when you need their service, you don’t need to talk too much.  That is one of the advantages of hiring a Travel Advisor.  After you deal with them one time, they know what you want, and you don’t have to stress. They take care of everything; you don’t have to go down the list of your needs again.

Another great benefit that comes with hiring a travel advisor is you don’t have to worry. It gives you an ease. Sometimes you just need to name a date and a place, they will take care of all the rest. For major holidays such as Christmas, you can plan a family vacation in advance and buy all the tickets you need altogether.  Your travel advisor knows who likes what room and knows what everyone wants.  The travel advisor makes sure you all stay at the same hotel.  It is the true meaning of vacation.

Some misconceptions on using a travel advisor

Some think that they have to pay for travel advisors.  Some travel advisors do charge for planning fees, in which they take time to give you the best itineraries and you pay for it.  But if you book a hotel, a flight ticket or a cruise tour, you don’t pay anything extra than you book on your own.  Travel advisors take a small commission from those service providers and you pay the same price.  So it’s worth using travel advisor because if you have any issues, you have a physical person there to help.

If you want to be a freelance Travel Advisor, or you are already a Travel Advisor, where can you start?

Micro Job Market welcomes all existing Travel Advisors or Travel Advisors-to-be sign up and post your offers.

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