Why Micro Job Market Is the Future of Freelance Website

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Why Micro Job Market Is the Future of Freelance Website

Freelancers are at particular risk of exploitation from employers. In some cases, the scope of their work can be increased with no new pricing negotiations, they could be left waiting for weeks to be paid, and they typically don’t enjoy the same health or retirement benefits that in-house staff receives as standard. Moreover, online platforms usually take a big chunk of freelancer’s money (usually between 10%-30%), just because they happen to use that platform.

For instance, Vlad Dobrynin, CEO & Co-Founder of Humans.net, believes that the future of online freelancing should be “fee-free” with fewer boundaries.

If you are looking for such a fee-free freelance platform with maximum flexibility, including direct contact with recruiters, direct payment from recruiters, promote own website in profile – you will be happy to know that Micro Job Market is the only platform in the world which fits all the criteria above.

As such, we can proudly say that Micro Job Market is the pioneer of the future freelance platform.

What Will Micro Job Market Do Next?

The keyword is blockchain.  Yes, we will implement blockchain in the near future.  The reason is the burgeoning capabilities of blockchain can have a game-changing impact on how freelancers and their temporary employers draw up contracts for work.

With the capabilities of a blockchain infused ‘smart contract,’ freelancers and their employers can establish trust in a way that’s not previously been possible.

Through a blockchain smart contract, freelancers can set pre-determined benchmarks for their workload with each one linked to payment. Blockchain payments and other payment companies enable a freelance worker to work without worrying about receiving their money while the business will no longer need to concern themselves over quality control issues.

Smart contracts can also store an unchangeable record of a freelance worker’s job history without the need of relying on middleman services.

So when you sign up to Micro Job Market, you’re following the edge technology of freelancing.  We will continue to improve and grow and provide the best platform to all freelancers around the world!

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