Micro Jobs Are The Next Generation of Jobs

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Micro Jobs Are The Next Generation of Jobs

We are all in the new era of jobs – JOBS 2.0 – a.k.a. micro jobs, as oppose to long-term jobs.  We will guide you how to embrace this new job trend.

Things that the schools don’t teach us

Our education system has been teaching us to choose a profession path and be a professional all the way through – such as a teacher, a doctor, an accountant, an engineer, and so on.  But not everyone fits to this path, that’s why many people suffer from doing the jobs they don’t like, but most of them do not know another way out.

It’s true that you need to study and better to have a degree.  But the knowledge of obtaining a degree does not equal to learning a skill that can earn you money.  A degree is certainly helpful, but not enough.  It’s like someone who learns medicine, but in order to become a medical doctor, the person must do intern in a hospital to learn hands-on skills and how to deal with all sorts of situations and patients.  Just to have a medical degree does not qualify a person to be a doctor.

New graduates often find the discrepancy between the school and the real world, that is because knowledge doesn’t equal to a skill set.

Do micro jobs to learn real-world skills

We should decide the skills each one wants to acquire rather than encouraging each person to choose a profession, say, architect or doctor.  We are not saying that everyone should give up a profession, but to offer another way out from the profession stereotype.

Sometimes those don’t jibe with a single profession can learn skills in stead,  it’s more targeted—and thus more likely to bring you satisfaction. It also might be less a job and more a set of projects and work situations that lead you from one thing to the next.

The shift is by thinking about facing challenges and solving problems, in stead of letting the “career path” decides for you.

The future career will be made up of numerous micro jobs aimed at well-paid skilled workers, and not a single boss.  In this new era of micro job market, each one has to carve out a niche.

Companies might turn full-time workers into Internal freelancers

Now that the technology has created more opportunities in the gig economy—think Uber, Instacart or Taskrabbit—the micro-job concept is making its way up the professional ranks.

More traditional companies are catching on and offering freelance-like project opportunities to their own employees.

For companies, the payoff for experimenting with internal project-based opportunities means workers are less likely to jump from one company to the next.  Besides, Micro-jobs can inspire a sense of entrepreneurial spirit and autonomy within a company, which in turn might keep us from job-hopping to the competition.

Forging a career path through micro jobs

The biggest barrier to adapting to a micro-job is mindset.  But we see that has changed a lot along the way.

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