For many businesses, getting their company and product information translated is the first step to opening a new market.  People used to turn to translation agencies for translation jobs, because translation agencies have networks to freelance translators and professional translators. 

In recent years, people use Google translation and Bing translation for translating text materials.  They know that the automated translation is not accurate; however, it’s very tempting to get translated text for free.  But do you know how the machine translation can have negative impact for your online presence?

There is a solid proof.  Words from Google’s official SEO training:

” … Avoid using automated services to translate your content.  Have a piece of content that needs to be in French?  Get a real-life person to translate it for you.  

Why is this necessary?

Well, search engines don’t value content generated from automated translation tools; even worse, the page might be considered spam.

Yes, Google discourages you to use google translation for your web content!  So, is there an alternative way? 

Finding freelance translators should be easy and fast

The only answer is to find a freelance translator to translate into the language you need.  Most translators are doing translation as a side hustle and if you have multi-language project, it will take time to find all the right translators you need.

The mission of Micro Job Market is to help you find your ideal translators, easy, simple and in short time.  You can find professional freelance translators of multiple languages all in one platform, you can also post your recruit info to let freelance translators contact you directly.

As a fair trade freelance website, Micro Job Market notices that freelance translators are likely to be the largest freelancer category, followed by freelance writer, freelance web & mobile developer, and freelance marketing consultant.

Translation Agencies Are Disappearing

Translation agencies have become a dwindling industry due to several reasons:

  1. Translation automation has become unstoppable popular
  2. Freelance platform mJob Market that connects translators with clients. Another reason is that
  3. Many translation agencies don’t pay to freelancers.
    In many facebook groups and forums where freelance translators discuss and share ideas, you can often spot out people warn about certain translation agency that don’t pay to translators after the job is done, and some pay after a very long delay. Freelance translators love platforms like mjob market to find clients/ recruiters to reduce risk of not getting paid.

Some people say that translators and interpreters will disappear, we don’t think it’s true; and the opposite, because of the cross border business activities are getting common, translation needs will only grow.  But translation agencies are not likely to thrive.  We can already foresee that, freelance platforms such as Micro Job Market will replace the traditional translation agencies.