We just got a heart-warming email from a user that goes:

“I hired a freelancer on your website and she did an amazing job then I paid to her PayPal immediately.  It’s easy, hassle free and fee-free, unbelievable. I appreciate this website and will come back for more jobs.  Keep up the great work!”

We thank Tom for sending us this email to tell us the story,  and we want all recruiters to utilize micro job market to find their freelancers, because it’s so easy to work with Micro Job Market.

Top Four Reason to Recruit Freelancers on Micro Job Market:

1. Direct communication with freelancers

By “direct” we mean that you can chat not only with our online conversation system, we also encourage you to talk to the freelancers via email or any communication app that you like!

Some freelance websites claim that recruiters can instantly get tens of bids coming in for a recruit post, it sounds tempting.  However, communicating with each one of them can consume lots of time, and chances are most of them don’t qualify to do the job and you receive the bids because the system sends out bid automatically. And many also low bids to get your attention, then ask much higher price. 

On Micro Job Market, you can hire a freelancer in 2 ways:

  • Look through the micro job listings and find the service you like. Then you contact the freelancer to explain the details of your requirement and get a quote.  Or,
  • Post a recruit. Freelancers will either contact you directly or send you an offer. You won’t be bugged with tens of offers.

2. Hire freelancers is Fee-free, commission free

Why to pay high percent of fee on top of the freelancer’s offer? On Micro Job Market, you pay to freelancers directly and there is no fee involved.

Why are we free and what’s the catch?

There is no catch.  We just want the world to be a better place by helping people to build their own freelance business.

3. We’re here to support you!

We don’t put on an act, whenever you have a question or need a help in recruiting freelancers or posting a freelance micro job, just write to us.  We will reply you at earliest possible time.  Or, drop an online message to the Admin. 

4. Micro Job Blog offers handy resources for freelancers and recruiters

We have an page for all the freelancer resource, including an amazing online freelancer hourly pay calculator.  We will continue to include awesome stuffs so do come back to check on our blog, follow our facebook page, twitter, Linkedin page or Pinterest.  We will share the latest posts so you can get to read it.

Happy freelancing on Micro Job Market!