Why Recruit on mJob® Market Brings the Best Freelancers?

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Why Recruit on mJob® Market Brings the Best Freelancers?
When you search “Hire Freelancers” on Google, you will find many complaints about the current freelance market. Many freelance platforms let freelancers bid for a project. In order to win the bid they have to lower their fee standard.  Many good freelancers just skip the bid.  For the recruiters who post the bid, it might not be a blessing to hire a freelancer base on the lowest bid.  Because experienced and professional freelancers are not going to sell their services cheap, so you really need to watch out for the lowest bidder, although sometimes the low-price bidders are just eager to win a project. There are several reasons why recruit freelancers on mJob® Market can give you the best freelancers.
  1. No bidding – mJob® Market doesn’t offer bidding function.  Each freelancer can contact the recruiter directly and make an offer according to his or her’s best practice without low charging their regular fee.
  2. mJobTM Market does not hide freelancers’ true identity, so the freelancers on mJob® Market are the ones who want to build a long-term business. They can’t hide behind the platform – you can ask for their direct contact details, you get to know who they are, and they are not likely to take an order that they can’t take. You can pay through escort payment such as PayPal to avoid possible fraud.
  3. Direct communication is the key to success. Although some projects can be communicated via email and online messages, sometimes you still need to talk to the real person. mJob® freelancers are allowed communicate directly with clients, including phone call, conference call, Skype call, Facetime, Whatsapp, or any other app. This can ensure the clearest idea exchange.
  4. You can keep your privacy on mJob – if you are not ready for direct communication, you can use the online message system – any new message will be sending you an email, and you have a reply link in each email.
mJob® Market strive to be the fair trade freelance marketplace for all.  We welcome everyone to join!
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