Social Sport Platform Splink Makes Sports Accessible to Everyone

MJOB December 3, 2022 No Comments

Splink, a Singapore based company, is a social sports platform that aims to make sports accessible to everyone globally. Splink empowers their users, from finding sports players, to organizing and managing sports activities, helping people to play more and be more. Using AI technology, we aim to enable the matching of sport players and activities, with just the click of a button. Down the path of being the leading social sports platform, Splink also partners with wellness brands and merchants, to reward our users through healthy practices, as well as to allow the booking of facilities through our platform. During the pandemic restrictions, people all around the world were constricted to their own homes, leading to high level of inactivity, and increased in mental health problems. With the globe approaching the endemic state, many of us can’t wait to leave our homes, in hopes of socializing with others and being

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