More and more companies are hiring freelancers to do micro jobs rather than full-time employees. This freelancing economy trend will just become stronger over time.

Although freelancers face some financial challenges – such as unpredictable income and no guaranteed pension – young generations are either abandoning traditional jobs in favor of a flexible schedule or keeping the security of a full-time job while freelancing at free time.  The huge supply of freelancing talents is also met with job opportunities from companies of all sizes.

People used to look for stable positions and companies also used to release long-term vacancies.  However, corporations now tend to outsource project-based jobs to freelancers, rather than hiring full-time staff.

Actually, hiring freelancers are beneficial to companies and their full-time workers; whether you consider starting a freelance career, or you are a freelancer yourself, or you are a business owner who consider hiring a freelancer rather than a long-term employee, the outlook is bright.

These are the main reasons why companies love to hire freelancers.

1. Freelancers are experts in their job

If a person is daring enough to work as a freelancer, he or she must be an expert the job, otherwise the person won’t take the step to start freelancing.  People used to think that freelancers aren’t as skilled as their full-time counterparts, but it has been proven wrong.  People who are confident to work as a freelancers are true experts, and they are not likely to be attracted by a full-time position. So they only way to benefit their expertise is to hire their freelancing service.  

Freelancers take up jobs from many different customers, thus they must need strong communication skills.  Their diverse working experience gives them hands-on advantage and can fit themselves to the project in little or no time.  Moreover, many freelancers continue expanding their knowledge and skills in the profession in order to be competitive, so they keep up with the new development and can solve problems that internal workers might not have thought of.

Actually, hire freelancers to work alongside the company staff is great news for both corporations and full-time employees, because with the availability of freelancers, companies will take professional freelancers to do jobs and not to push the jobs to an employee.   It’s a 3-win situation – the freelancer, the employer and the employee are all winners.

2. Hire freelancers is cost effective

Companies are responsible for providing benefits to all of their full-time employees, which usually include health insurance, paid time off and sick leave, pension fund, and all these are at the expenses of the employer.   But hiring Freelancers will only cost what the freelancer asks for.  This gives small and medium businesses flexibility in saving cost.

Some might say that this is also the disadvantage of freelancing, but good freelancers can earn more than a senior manager at a company, and even develop into a business.

3. Pay for the work done

We have to admit that not all tasks require a full-time employee. Many projects can be done with outsourced manpower, even projects that take longer time.  There can be projects that require completely different skill sets from what current employees have, so hiring one person just for that is not the best interest of the business.  Hire a freelancer is the optimal choice.

Just in case that the freelancer can’t accomplish what they promise, you don’t have to pay the full sum agreed (or no need to pay at all, depending on the individual situation).  While full-time employees get paid no matter what.

Freelancers should be happy to know that, if one day they want to return to the full-time employment, their experience will help them to land jobs easier than others.   

So if you are a business owner or manager who considers if to hire freelancers or not, you should know that hiring freelancers will only bring benefits to your business.If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer, we want to congratulate you on this decision and Micro Job Market will help you to take the first steps.