AHK Web controlling with WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1

Hello. AHK expert! 

Recently I’ve found really useful function from AHK forums. Which is using Google translator directly in AHK. 

Not really needing to access internet browser’s window to use Google translator. 

It looks like it’s using https/http request attaching JS Inside of AHK. using COMobject. WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1

Here it looks like this. This is the original format. (Working in Autohotkey Sheet) 



(this is the code snippet)


And I actually need little bit of variations from it. 

But I’m not really deep skilled to make one. so I’m here to ask you some of simple tasks. 

(Please get noted all scripts should be AHK based script.)

(Maintaining the proxy part too) 

I need something that could be looking like =>

functions.pageclick(#hitthisbutton) based from the original script. I think these tasks could be achieved pretty easily if you know COM in AHK + Javascript. 

here’s the specifics. 

1) Function Enabling clicking buttons in certain webpages and navigate to the next page. 

2) Function Enabling Keystrokes such as typing words, and even {Pgdn} {End} Keystrokes

3) Let me know how to specify the section of the webpage (Query Selector, or Xpath, or at least please explain to me how can I specify certain sections in the page) 

4) Function Enabling above 1)2)3) command inside of sub IFrame inside of the page. (It should be able to download /scrape off html source of Iframe)  

– as you might know, these internet functions often don’t work if there’s another frame inside of a page. for example) 

– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaBr3pqGr10&t=6s   – please refer this video to help your understand. 

– we need to have a breakthrough of this. not through selenium or any new parts. but only based from COMobject. WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1

This is the whole thing I need 🙂 

I believe it should be quick and easy to achieve if you have long period of experience in COMobject. WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1 in Autohotkey. 

When you can do that all 1)2)3)4), I promise to reward 50 $. 

Thank you very much for reading. I will be waiting for your reply !