Hello! Thank you for having interest in this topic.

I want to classify and filter out low quality images which will be mostly seeming to be 

mostly image with broken pixels. or blurred too much. 

but there are so many images need to be processed, so I would like to ask you if you can make a script which enables this in programming way. 

condition 1: 

nodejs or Python or AHK format. 

condition 2: 

or else, please suggest me which language format to use (which language your function is scripted) so I could check. 

condition 3:

should be able to classify broken pixels.

condition 4:

shouldn’t be restricted to classify only based its image resolution. 

condition 5:

please show me how it does work by picking 10 times of examples comparing 2 different images (one being low quality image, and another one being high quality images)

condition 6:

after you showing me condition 5, I can cross check bringing images from my backgrounds. (just by sending you those images and acquiring codes later) 

condition 7:

when cross checking in condition 6 is done, I will release the milestone. 

condition 8: 

other practical recommandation or suggestion would be welcomed. 

condition 9 (important): 

I know that there are lots of companies who need pretty much the same function, 

So I assume maybe you might have already built one. no problem with this.

So please show me any usage examples of your tools/functions/scripts. 

until then, I can not be assured you have made this one. so I can not release any milestone. even few percentage. 

I can not release milestone before seeing the results from your tools. Please be notified this.