image recognition/tagging/classification

Hello! Thank you for having interest in this topic.

I am trying to build a function/tool which will be availiable to recognize targets. 

and classify them, tag them automatically. mostly image classification. 

I actually have tried it by myself previously but unfortunately I didn’t get a good result by myself. 

But I was pretty sure there must be someone who already built better ones using skills related with ML/AI. 

So here I am asking if you can make one for me 🙂

condition 1: 

nodejs or Python or AHK format. 

condition 2: 

or else, please suggest me which language format to use (which language your function is scripted) so I could check. 

condition 3:

please show me how it does work by picking 10 cases of examples to show me your tool’s performance

condition 4:

after you showing me as condition 3, I can cross check bringing examples from my backgrounds. 

condition 5:

when cross checking in condition 4 is done, I will release the milestone. 

condition 6:

target images will be mostly online ecommerce store product image. (please develop the tool based on this) 

condition 7:

tool should be able to outcome multiple tags. per one image. 

condition 8:

should be able to process numerous images just as programs and softwares should be.

condition 9: 

other practical recommandation or suggestion would be welcomed. 

condition 10 (important): 

I know that there are lots of companies who need pretty much the same function, 

So I assume maybe you might have already built one. no problem with this.

So please show me any usage examples of your tools/functions/scripts. 

until then, I can not be assured you have made this one. so I can not release any milestone. even few percentage. 

I can not release milestone before seeing the results from your tools. Please be notified this. 

Thank you for reading! Have a good day and bid me if you think you can build one. Anytime ! 

And I am willing to respond very quickly to explain and describe more what I exactly need. 

also, if you can really make it out well this time in this project, I will promise to carry out further projects with you. Thanks alot.