Want to market your product in China?   

Even in today’s world, word of mouth marketing is the most succesful. If an unknown person says this is a great product why believe him or her? If a friend recommends the product then it must be good.  Social Media Marketing is the 21 Century’s word of mouth marketing and in China the social media is WeChat.

China’s firewall has blocked Google and many of the internationally recognised social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and many many more.  As a result, China’s equivalent of WhatsApp (called WeChat) has developped into a platform that includes all of these functions and much more including payment functions, location sharing.

In today’s China everyone uses WeChat – from multi-national companies through to even stall owners in the local market (and sometimes even beggars use it).  All are using it to share thier stories, their products and to receive payment.

To market in China you need to be able to succesfully exploit WeChat and if your target is the Chinese living in China (not the foreigners) then it needs to be done in Chinese.

So let me help you, penetrate the  Chinese market.