I have both Danish and English as source and target languages with nativity levels in both. I additionally translate into UK or US English upon request.

I’ve been translating professionally for the past 5 years, with experience in many varied and broad-ranging industries, though specializing in marketing and business communication.

Pricing depends on the text and the subject matter, taking into account the necessary research for quality translations.

My minimum fee is 76 USD for 500 words, above that amount, I charge a minimum 0,15 cent USD per source word translated.

I have a daily translation rate of about 5000 words and can almost always guarantee a day-to-day delivery, for larger amounts we can plan a target date as needed.

Feel free to contact me either here, or directly at [email protected], or have a look at some of the professionals I work with and the services we provide at www.Crowd-Collective.com