I will Create ERC20 Token & ICO (Smart Contract) and ICO Website.

·        Create ERC20 Token.

·        Creating Fixing Smart Contract.

·        Deploy in ETH MainNet.

·        Verification on Etherscan.

·        Mentioning Exchange name for listing.

·        Any sort of Modification in Token Code Listing on Etherdelta & Forkdelta. 

·        Providing a Source Code.

·        Deploying Your Token and Ownership to You.


I do these things for better response of Token.

I use my ETH from my Wallet to Verify your Token. No Extra Fee is needed.

About ICO Website:

·       Create ICO (Initial Coin Offering Website) Where you will sell your coin or token.

·       Crowd Selling Website

·       Create a Store and Accept Payment with any Cryptocurrency.

·       In Real Time Receive and Make payments in any currency.

·       Provide White Paper, Smart Contract, User Dashboard, Referral System,  

         Bonus System, and Promotion in cryptocurrency.


 I will do these things for a completely unique, customized and best functional website to circulate your token or coin.