I’m Seeking an independent marketer and/or promoter to help increase social presence of a Christian Hip-Hop artist. Important to note if you do not know anything about Christian Hip Hop music you should have listen first which is free and provided in the link below to the project. I’m looking to hire someone whose an experienced music marketer and is a fan themselves (Subscribed & Streams). It’s seemingly impossible market or help promote the music you yourself aren’t familiar with, listened to or know anything about. It’ll come in handy when you begin your promotion campaign to be able to know the product/song and music genre your promoting. Currently Spotify offers free music listening and free registration without a credit card to listen to the full songs which is recommended but if you already have Spotify account you can login and listen free. 

More details about the music project is it’s a single extended play record with about two tracks. So you’ll spend nothing more than 5 minutes listening total getting familiar or a feel for it.

I welcome suggestions and considerations as to the best approach you may have.

Thank you.