Server part

We develop scalable, reliable and intelligently designed server solutions for client-server games and applications.

We have a very attentive and precise approach to the big multiplayer games, small startups or MVP.

From the server design to the stage of putting it into operation, we do the whole process qualitatively, respecting deadlines and general agreements. We can guarantee you reporting at each stage, precise documentation, competent choice of a stack of technologies for the tasks of your project and complete confidentiality.

Also, you’ll receive full security compliance, formal legal registration of contracts and the entire package of project documentation.


Development features


Technology stack: Core, Redis, ScyllaDb, MsSQL, Protocol Buffers, MessagePack, IdentityServer4, NATS,


WebSocket support allows you to work on any platform with minimal latency and at high speed. Using a very fast serializer with compression support will allow low capacity clients to avoid delays.


We can deploy servers in all popular cloud platforms.

Kubernets support allows very fast deployment of fault-tolerant servers with automatic scaling.

High performance:

Servers allow you to work in a cluster via using of an actor model.

Load balancing RestAPI / Realtime WebSocket.

Popular databases support:

ScyllaDb, MongoDb, MsSQL, Redis.

Integrated Authentication:

Centralized authentication service is available for all games and applications (web, native, mobile, services). It is an officially certified implementation of OpenID Connect.


Our solution is also support an external authentication services such as Google, Facebook, VK, etc. This protects your applications from the problematic connection with these external services.


Built-in support for chat rooms:

Built-in support for validation of in-game purchases for every popular platform.

Integrated analytics support for subscriptions:

This allows you to track down any type of subscription including trials, and transfer this data to Ads services for more accurate audience setting.

Connecting analytics services:

FaceBook Analytics, Google Analytics, Game Analytics, Branch, Tableau, ElasticSearch

Full testing:

Testing and calibrating of the server side

Administrative panel:

Creating and configuring the server administrative control panel


Further support, consulting and administration of the server solution after launch.

Stages of development:

1.           Creating the most detailed documentation for the server solution

2.           Creating the Server Solution Architecture and Deploying it

3.           Creating and deploying MVP

4.           Getting MVP Metrics

5.           Connecting ElasticSearch + Grafana for Realtime Analytics

6.           Precise analysis of the data and adjustment of the architecture for the immediate needs of the client

7.           Full development of all services and server-side modules (after MVP)


Cookies.Games programmers are experienced and qualified to accomplish tasks of a wide variety of levels. We can equally well implement multiplayer solutions, heavily loaded Back-end or a light server part for small startups or MVP.

One of our main points of emphasis is completely individual approach to each client. Permanent transparent system of reporting, integration and interaction.

Our programmers are experienced enough to work equally well with different technologies. In Cookies.Games you can order a client-server application on any of the technologies: Java, .NET, or Aka.NET from scratch or provide strong support to your current server with whole pack of improvements and updates.